Horse Haven – 10 Tips

horse haven ten tips

I’m a girl gamer, and right now my favorite game is Horse Haven. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for it showing a beautiful horse and I just had to investigate. The artistry is lovely and inspiring, and I adore collecting all the pretty horses. Here are 10 tips to play it!

1) If you accidentally delete a farm decoration, don’t worry! Anything you remove is saved in the shop (bottom left button) in the deleted section (the box icon with the slash through it). Check out my US ranch…isn’t it delightful?

US Ranch Horse Haven

Deleted Shop Horse Haven

2) Grand stables are a must-have when you run out of regular stables, but sometimes you need to take horses back out of the grand stable. To do this, select the grand stable and choose the horse symbol, then move it.

3) There are fun events like the Derby! Derby racing earns you Derby points, which you can redeem for horses, accessories, and ranch decor. Once you exchange points for decor, find it in that deleted section of the shop. That took me a while to figure out…you’re welcome.

derby first place horse havenderby first place horse haven

4) I love the Fantasy horses. To get them, you need Dream Jewels, and to get the jewels you can collect the items in the blue jewel icon on the world map. You can only complete it every 12 hours, and if you discard it for a new one, you still have to wait 12 hours, so I usually do whatever it requires. You can either use your dream jewels to buy a fantasy horse, or unlock Fantasy Island where a standard unicorn comes with it (white with blue mane/tail). Once you have your first fantasy horse, the best way to get more is breed it with your friends’ horses…that way, you can save your hard-earned jewels. To do this, go to the people icon on the lower right, choose a friend and a ranch, then select a horse and breed.

map with jewel

5) Harvesting is a huge part of the game…it’s like Farmville with horses. My biggest hindrance is running out of storage space, so once items are ready to harvest, I usually leave them until I need to use them. Little game strategy for you.

cherry tree Horse Haven

Jade Fairy Horse Haven

6) Stablehand is a game aspect that I had to figure out, but it’s easy to do. Select a stable and the people icon, choose the friends, and OK!

7) You can join a club or start your own. I don’t know if there is a certain level requirement to own a club, but I think once you’re level 30 and have nice decor, that’s a good time to do it. It costs 30k coins and then 10 diamonds to advertise so players can join. For the club name, you pick from a generated list. Mine is Sleepy Cherries. Someone started another Sleepy Cherries right after me, so that was annoying. I wish it was possible to breed with club member horses, but it seems you only can with Facebook friends or those who you friend in the game (when someone visits your ranch, select their picture over the cars driving by and friend request).

8) Steeplechases are the best way to earn coins, and your horses need energy to do them, and you have to feed them to give them energy. So the best strategy is to feed them only when their energy is down and do steeplechases when it’s full. You can also get coins (and jewels) from the mine in the Germany ranch.

Steeplechase Screen Shot

Mine Horse Haven

9) You can get better stats for your horses with pure breeding. So to start you have tier 1 horses, but breed 2 of the same and you get tier 2 with better stats, up to tier 4 when you are a high enough level.

10) Lastly, I like the fantasy horses, which are the unicorn and fairy hoses, but the absolutely most beautiful and coveted horses are the Constellation ones, which are only available for limited times. You can buy them with real money, or breed them with the harder-to-get horses. So far I don’t see a way to get them other than when they are offered (or you can breed it with friends once you have one). I really want the gorgeous Virgo III and Pisces III. They were already gone when I started playing…sniffle.virgo III horse havenPisces III Horse Haven

Were these tips helpful? Do you have any of your own, or any points to add to these? Let me know in a comment!

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