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horse haven ten tips

I’m a girl gamer, and right now my favorite game is Horse Haven. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for it showing a beautiful horse and I just had to investigate. The artistry is lovely and inspiring, and I adore collecting all the pretty horses. Here are 10 tips to play it!

1) If you accidentally delete a farm decoration, don’t worry! Anything you remove is saved in the shop (bottom left button) in the deleted section (the box icon with the slash through it). Also, isn’t my US ranch delightful?

US Ranch Horse Haven

Deleted Shop Horse Haven

2) Grand stables are a must-have when you run out of regular stables, but sometimes you need to take horses back out of the grand stable. To do this, select the grand stable and choose the horse symbol, then move it.

3) You can earn points by racing and redeem for exclusive horses, accessories, and ranch decor. Once you exchange points for decor, find it in that deleted section of the shop.

derby first place horse havenderby first place horse haven

4) I love the Fantasy horses. To get them, you need Dream Jewels, and to get the jewels you can collect the items in the blue jewel icon on the world map. You can only complete it every 12 hours, and if you discard it for a new one, you still have to wait 12 hours, so I usually do whatever it requires. You can either use your dream jewels to buy a fantasy horse, or unlock Fantasy Island where a standard unicorn comes with it (white with blue mane/tail). Once you have your first fantasy horse, the best way to get more is breed it with your friends’ horses…that way, you can save your hard-earned jewels. To do this, go to the people icon on the lower right, choose a friend and a ranch, then select a horse and breed.

map with jewel

5) Harvesting is a huge part of the game…it’s like Farmville with horses. My biggest hindrance is running out of storage space, so once items are ready to harvest, I usually leave them until I need to use them. Little game strategy for you.

cherry tree Horse Haven

Jade Fairy Horse Haven

6) Foals (baby horses) can only level up to adults (level 5) by feeding, but after that, I like to use Stablehand instead. Select a stable and the people icon, choose 3 friends, and OK! It costs coins but it’s nice to be able to do when you can spend the coins.

7) You can join a club or start your own. I don’t know if there is a certain level requirement to own a club, but I think once you’re level 30 and have nice decor, that’s a good time to do it. It costs 30k coins and then 10 diamonds to advertise so players can join. For the club name, you pick from a generated list. Mine is Sleepy Cherries. Someone started another Sleepy Cherries right after me, so that was annoying. I wish it was possible to breed with club member horses, but it seems you only can with Facebook friends or those who you friend in the game (when someone visits your ranch, select their picture over the cars driving by and friend request).

8) If you need coins, do the steeplechases! Your horses need energy to do them, and you have to feed them to give them energy. So the best strategy is to feed them only when their energy is down and do steeplechases when it’s full. You can also get coins (and jewels) from the mine in the Germany ranch.

Steeplechase Screen Shot

Mine Horse Haven

9) I love the tier 4 horses. All horses can pure-breed up to tier 3, then if you want tier 4, you have to purchase the certificate first, with common jewels, which you can get from steeplechases, the Quiz Stand (the building with question marks on your ranch), or the mines (on the Germany ranch). On the map you’ll see the Purebreeders Society crest with the 3 current available breeds, which are always one Elite (lower level), Mythic (mid-level), and Legendary (highest level). I really like the tier 4 Haflinger and Mustang because their manes and tails are so pretty!

10) The Exclusive horses are the the most beautiful horses IMHO, and they are only available for limited times. You can buy them with real money, or earn the 80 recipe pieces from racing. I really want the gorgeous Virgo III and Pisces III Constellation horses. They were already gone when I started playing…sniffle.virgo III horse havenPisces III Horse Haven

One thing I really appreciate is how they asked for feedback. I was happy to share my ideas…

1 – Apply the speed trait to racing instead of steeplechases
2 – Add weather to the ranches (I need a Christmas ranch, mmkoy?)
3 – Add activities for clubs to do together
4 – More animated farm decorations (I love the carousel, the fountains, balloons, etc.)
5 – Male & female Exclusive horses should look different
6 – Upper tiers for Exclusive horses should earn customizations (instead of changing into odd colors)
7 – Seahorses! An underwater ranch. That would just be fun.

Were the 10 tips helpful? Do you have any tips of your own, or any points to add to these? Let me know in a comment!

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17 thoughts on “Horse Haven – 10 Tips

  1. Thanks for all the tips! I am going nuts about this one issue I’m having because i KNOW the game told me how to do this in the beginning but for the life of me i CANNOT remember. How do you change your horses names? I would really appreciate your help!

    A Frustrated Gamer

    1. Hello there! That’s an excellent question! Go into your horse’s stable, and at the top of the screen where the current name is, tap the name ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. how do i unlok the min on fantasy island? i’am on level 41 . i have a ipad , my ipad is a amazon ipad sos wil i get the min on fantasy islande. how do i breed the contellation horse like the virgo . and how do i breed the virgo .

      1. Hello ‘Jenna,’ I’ve approved your 2 of your 6 comments so I can answer your questions. While there is a mine on Fantasy Island, it is not accessible yet (the game developers probably have a plan for the mine in the future, like the mine on the Fussen Ranch which DOES work!). There are many ways to get the Constellation horses like the Virgo…you can win them in events (like capturing them in the lasso event), check the Dressage winning horses each season (first AND second place) and buy them with diamonds, OR you can just purchase them with real money when they become available (when you open the game there will be pop-ups with which horses are available, and you can also check it again with the icons on the left side of the screen). Currently you can also buy Constellation I horses with your Special Quests points (by spending your points earned from the daily special quests), and the breeds rotate. I purchased my Virgo horse with real money, before it was available in the Lasso event. For T4 (Tier 4) horses, you need to spend your Common Jewels (earned in the game from the mine or steeplechase) in the Purebreeders Society (the gold/red crest on the map). There are always 3 breeds available that rotate each week (a Rare, Mythic, and Legendary). But you can find these answers and many more just by visiting the HH Wiki. Hope that helps!

    1. I wish I knew too! I’m level 44 so you are ahead of me. My highest level friend is 55 and hers is still locked too. I’ve checked in the forums and couldn’t find anything, so my guess is it either unlocks at an extremely high level, or the developers are going to open it at some point. If I hear anything, I will let you know…sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  2. Hi my daughter’s want to play and I had one this morning set a game up and my other daughter set her game up with my husband’s phone and a screen message posted on the second account that said there was another account with the same name as this account, it was my first daughter’s account and it wanted her to choose what account to keep. I chose the account that was her and it erased my first daughter’s account. Please help I have no idea what happened or how to get her account back.

    1. Oh dear ๐Ÿ™ My account is linked to my Facebook, so maybe he was logged into Facebook on both devices. Unfortunately, as far as I know, once the ‘OK’ is given to erase an account, it’s done. Different games have different ways of avoiding this issue but I’m not sure about Ubisoft (Horse Haven Developer), so it might be recoverable. You can contact Ubisoft Support through the game, or follow this link . In the game, go to the world map (top left corner globe icon), Settings (top left corner gear), ‘i’ info button, and Contact Customer Support button. I hope that helps!

  3. i love this game, but i play on a amazon fire, so i dont get updates. because of this i canยดt do the pure breeders society!๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    1. Oh, bummer ๐Ÿ™ If you have your account saved (like through Facebook), I wonder if you could just re-download the game to get the last version, then just log back in?

    1. Sorry I missed your comment earlier! You can get more friends by visiting their ranch (there was a request button), but unfortunately the way I found them was through looking at the clubs (the building with the truck beside it on each ranch) and currently the club feature is on hold right now. But it’s returning soon, and with more features — it wasn’t very interesting to begin with. I had my own club, which I think you could buy at level 30 or so. It’s called Sleepy Cherries…I hope you can join ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi I just started I have a question tho why are some of my horses not worth coin anymore instead the horse sales for 20 diamonds rather than 3800 most my horses are just now reaching level 10

    1. Hello Suzette, I’ve played for years and when I sell a horse, it’s about 20 diamonds. If it’s a high-tier and/or special horse, you can sell them for 49 diamonds, and if you level them up, even more diamonds. When you buy a dressage show winner, it’s about 3800 diamonds.

    1. Hi Mya,
      Racing is an event that appears on the world map when active, but unfortunately the game developers havenโ€™t been active for quite some time, so there is no more racing for the foreseeable future ๐Ÿ™

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