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DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals

Of course babies don’t need shoes since they don’t walk yet – I’ve put a few on Lily for fun but they just fall off. So I really like barefoot sandals because they are easy to make, stay on, and are so adorable! One woman in a store commented on how cute they are and added, “What will they think of next?!” I didn’t come up with the idea, but I’ve figured out a very simple way to make them. Back in the day I developed the pattern for Heelarious (soft crib shoes that look like high heels). That wasn’t simple, but barefoot sandals definitely are. The materials are very inexpensive and they make a wonderful baby shower gift, though I suggest giving something practical with it, like diapers.


1/2″ Wide Satin Elastic – 21″ long

Fine tulle or netting (or other embellishment for 2 top decorations). You can buy just half a yard or get the small roll.

Needle, thread, scissors

Measuring tape (or ruler)

Printer/paper (if using pouf pattern)

Cut 2 pieces of elastic 10.5″ long each (or hold it to the baby’s foot to see what length works best). Twist into an 8 shape (as shown in picture), overlapping the ends in a square at the cross section. You may need to hold it to the baby’s foot to size. Next, hand-stitch around the square.

Steps for Baby Barefoot Sandals

For the poufs, cut 6 circles: Two with a 3.5″ diameter and four with a 4.5″ diameter (you can print the pattern for FREE here). Hand-stitch around the edge of each and pull tight to gather so you have 2 small and 4 larger poufs. Stack one small on top of 2 large and repeat for the other, then sew each stack at the middle to the cross section of the straps. Or attach whichever embellishment you like to the top, hiding the stitches – ribbon flowers, silk flowers, pom-poms, etc). Just be sure there are no small parts the baby can pull off and choke on. It’s also fun to make a matching headband.

Lily in barefoot sandals

Lily barefoot sandals up close

I also have a few pairs for sale in my Etsy shop here, available in Black Polka Dot, Pink Zebra, White Wedding, or Pink/Blue Unicorn Sparkle.

barefoot sandal black barefoot sandal pink zebra barefoot sandal weddingUnicorn baby barefoot sandals

You can make a matching headband too! This black & white zebra set is available in my Etsy shop here.

Zebra Headband Barefoot Sandals Set

What color and style did you make? Tell me in a comment!

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