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How often do you find a wonderful-looking DIY project, only to discover it’s nearly impossible unless you have prolonged patience, fat funds and tons of time (can you tell I like alliterations)?

I make trendy, beautiful, and/or useful projects, break them down step-by-step, and provide tips and tricks along the way, with FREE patterns I made myself. This helps you avoid the headache and enjoy the DIY’ing! Essentially having your cake and eating it too. I do like cake.

So who am I to tell you what to do? Actually, as the baby of the family, I don’t like to be ‘bossed,’ and I won’t do that to you! However…

Bio CherryFairyTale

Hello there! My name is Kat. Nice to virtually meet you 🙂

Grew up: Oregon. Hence my passion for recycling, beading, and being a hippie granola earth child of sorts.

Education: Associate of Applied Arts (AAA) in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Seattle (Dean’s List too, woot woot)

Career: Designer at a porcelain doll company (mainly Disney Princess!)
Worked at a community college after moving to Iowa, starting in the Wind Energy program
Now I’m a stay-at-home mom of 2, blogging and Etsy shop-keeping, and I’m a Zumba Instructor!

Family: Met my husband playing a game online in 2009 (weddings before Pinterest should get a redo)
Daughter Lily was born in 2017, and son Oliver was born in 2021. I’m so thrilled to get one of each!

Location: Iowa. They have lots of corn. And gas stations have the BEST pizza…who knew?!

It’s also worth mentioning I am a few kinds of crazy which includes but is not limited to: Christmas-crazy, Disney-crazy, Harry Potter-crazy, and dog-crazy.

I’ve been called Mrs. Midas because of the idea of touching something and turning it to gold. I just love to create and when I get ‘in the zone’ to the level of ‘flow,’ there’s just nothing like it. I go a little loopy if I don’t create at least one thing per day (even making dinner counts. And in Iowa, the word ‘dinner’ also means ‘lunch.’ Not confusing at all).

I can’t take the credit though, and I don’t want to…any ability is a gift from the Lord (can I get a witness?)! We all have spiritual gifts, and I find them to be magical. Cherry Fairy Tale shares my personal magic with you…there’s nothing I’d rather do. Did the old woman really live in a shoe? I’ll stop rhyming, I mean it. Anybody want a peanut? It really is hard not to spew lines from The Princess Bride.

When my bike was brand new (and I hadn’t broken my arm yet)

Me on top of the world – well, a wind turbine, to be more specific

2011 – Mowage!

My dolls for sale in Disney World

Me in my happy place

cherry fairy tale about meOctober 2017 – The most amazing day of my life, when my Lily was born

Cherry Fairy Tale DeskMy ‘Creation Station’ (when it’s not buried in projects)

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