Easy Pinwheel Bow & Graphic Bodysuit

easy pinwheel bow and graphic bodysuit

This summer, my sister’s husband Bill completed his Doctorate from DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary). They live in Dubai but he wanted to walk at graduation, so we flew to Texas for the occasion! It was really special for Lily to finally get to meet her 2 cousins, so I made her an outfit. The DTS colors are royal purple and gold, so my colors were set! It was surprisingly difficult to find a plain bodysuit! First, I learned not to search using the word ‘onesie,’ because it’s owned by Gerber. Finally, I found a plain bodysuit on Amazon, sold by Monag, but Amazon doesn’t have purple so I had to order it directly from Monag’s website.

Here’s how…

  • Draw out the words or make in Photoshop (I used Garden Grown font family from
  • Cut out the letters to make a stencil (leave a small part connected for letters with closed negative space, such as O and A)
  • Draw directly onto the bodysuit with a fine-point Sharpie pen
  • Apply puffy paint. If using glitter, wait for non-glitter letters to dry first
  • Pour glitter over wet letters if desired

bodysuit lettering

I did ‘Congrats Doctor Uncle Bill.’ It was a hit!

I also made a pinwheel bow. I researched how to make them and saw people use 2 dowels on a piece of foam, or something…I don’t even know. I figured there must be an easier way, so I simplified it. Fold a letter size piece of card stock in half long-ways, draw a line down the center, then wrap the ribbon around it. I wanted a huge bow so I used 2.5″ ribbon. You can clip it in place (with alligator clips), then stitch down the center. Remove the paper, then wrap thread around the whole thing tightly. For the forked tails, fold the ends in half and make one snip. To keep the edges from fraying, you can use Fray Check, or I just use clear nail polish. Finally, cut a smaller piece of ribbon, fold in thirds, then tie into a knot. Place the knot on top of the bow and sew closed on the back. I bought a matching purple headband at Sam Moon in Texas (or you can find them in the craft section at Walmart) and attached the bow at its seam.

pinwheel bow step by step

I had plenty of ribbon leftover so I sewed a little matching skirt to some leggings. Lily Graduation OutfitAnd just for fun, here’s a pic of Lily in her dress I ordered from the DTS bookstore, with adorable cowgirl boots ($9.99 from Hobby Lobby). Is she a Dallas Dolly or what?!

Did you make a bow or bodysuit? Tell me in a comment!

DTS Baby Dress

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