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DIY Embellished Jacket

Embellished Jacket Feature

How chic are those embroidered denim jackets for spring…and how expensive too! I was craving one for myself, but even if I could afford it, most are ‘distressed,’ so they look like they came out of a blender. There’s a fashion trend I’ll never understand. Maybe people really like that grunge look, but even if they do, can’t they just cut up new clothes themselves? I don’t get it. Anyway…

I found a SUPER cute jacket at a great price. I wanted a cropped one (they pair so well with summer dresses), so all I did was search under Google Shopping for ‘cropped denim jacket,’ and a bunch of products came up with prices listed. What a day and age we live in…it’s all too easy. The perfect jacket popped up, from Christopher & Banks, with the light wash I wanted. I couldn’t believe it was marked down from $54.95 to $14.95 with free shipping! I admit I’ve never shopped there before, but generally I don’t care about the brand if it’s exactly what I want at the right price. I will say it came with a strong chemical smell, so I washed it. I should have washed it alone because the smell went to the other laundry!

Next I checked Amazon for floral appliques, and found these for $8.99. This was after I ordered the very cheap ones because while the shipping was free, it ended up being even slower than expected and would not arrive in time for my trip. It did take some time to sew on (only one set comes with iron-on backing), but I turned on my favorite show and it was done by the time the show ended. I used clear thread. At first I attempted to use my sewing machine, but unless you are one with your machine and can make it do everything you want (I certainly am NOT), it’s just easier to hand-sew.

So with very little money and a little effort, I put together a designer-style jacket sure to turn heads, and you can too! I really despise photos of myself, but I did my best here to show you how it looks. If you buy an embroidered jacket, they are seriously around $150. If you don’t believe me, just do a quick Google search! So not only can you be beautiful, you can be smart too. 😉 Let me know about your own jacket in a comment!DIY Embellished jacket

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