Horse Haven Tips 2

Horse Haven Tips 2

I’m still loving Horse Haven! With constant updates of new features, I thought it was high time to post another round of gaming tips.

The Search feature was down for a long while, but now it’s back and better than ever! The ability to search (your friends’ horses) by tier and gender was added and it can be quite handy. Touch the pink/blue people icon on the lower right corner, then tap the horse/magnifying glass icon to search. My only complaint is that you can’t search for Tier 4 unless you already have the certain certificate for that breed. But if I’m determined to find a T4 anyway (to breed a T3 faster), I’ll just go to each of ranch of each friend until I find it.

Another nice addition is adding friends. Scroll all the way to the right under Friends until you see the person/+ icon. Tap it and it will suggest 3 people you can friend request! It refreshes every day, so you can keep finding more friends. Breeding with my friends’ horses has really helped me acquire my most desired horses!

If you don’t follow Horse Haven on Facebook, DO EET. Here’s why you should:
– Not only do they regularly ask for player feedback, they really listen! I have seen a bunch of my own ideas implemented, so if you make suggestions respectfully (please, PLEASE be as kind as possible – there are so many complainers), you might just see your ideas happen too.
– They have occasional opportunities to win game diamonds. I won some before! Extra diamonds are always appreciated.
– They list out upcoming breeds with specific dates, allowing you to save up or plan for that horse you really want. Currently I’m getting ready for a T4 Welara so I’m prepared to breed my T3’s when that certificate becomes available.

Based on player feedback, the T4 certificates now change faster. So if you already have (or are not interested in) the current ones, you don’t have to wait a month to see what the next one will be. Also, if you’d like to know the next 3 that are coming, you can go to the Horsepedia and select T4; they are labeled ‘COMING NEXT.’

If you spend money on HH, good on you! But if you don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on attaining your dream horses. I wanted the Pisces III since I began playing, and was finally able to snag it in the fun lasso event. They even had my ultra favorite (Virgo III) in that event, though I had already purchased it. But that’s okay! I was happy to buy it to support the development team. Even though HH is free to play, the game only exists because of people working and using their talents…they deserve compensation. It would be nice if the FB followers would not complain about the in-game purchase costs. To me, it’s the same as walking into a shop full of beautiful, quality, expensive clothes and yelling, “I CAN’T AFFORD THIS! HOW DARE YOU PRICE THEM SO HIGH!” No one does that, right? I would probably admire the clothes from the window, appreciating the artistry (while maybe longing a bit that I could buy them). And that’s okay too!

You can now add one more individual stable on each ranch, but you can only do so by purchasing with real money.

Dressage is the newest big feature! Train the horse of your choosing and make it look snazzy. Do the show once a day to earn 100 training points. Always take 3 photos to get the highest score you can!

Note that your horse will be away from its stable while in dressage training like when it free-roams in the paddock, but unlike the paddock, it won’t automatically return to the stable when the training is complete. You will need to go back to the dressage training to release it or continue training.

The winning horse then becomes available to buy at the end of each season, which is how I was able to get my beautiful Spirit Gypsy Vanner and Gingerbread horses.

Did you know you can breed your horses while they are still in your grand stable? You can even breed them with your friends’ horses. No need to pay to take them out and put them in the individual stables.

I find the best way to get diamonds is to constantly breed high tier horses then sell them…I usually feed them to grow them up to adult level 5. It’s many coins to breed, but if you do enough steeplechases and collect coins from your stables regularly, you will have plenty to spend on all the breeding you like.

I also earn diamonds by playing events…don’t miss out on any event!

One last thing…anyone else feel a little weird feeding apples to the Snow White horse, or is it just me?

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