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Ever play a video game and find yourself thinking of how you would change it, or do you imagine your very own game entirely? And did you know it’s now easier than ever to do just that? And did you further know there is a handy, straight-to-the-point guide to help you figure out your best plan of action? Look no further than Beginning Game Design by Kevin Grems.

That husband of mine (Kevin) is something else. Not only has he developed and taught a college Game Design program, but he’s given a TED Talk and is a tech genius in general, possessing that mysterious dominion over technology, causing it to bow to his will simply by entering a room. It may sound silly but it’s true. I have no doubt it is a spiritual gift. There is a reason I bring him with me every time I set up the sound system for Zumba class. I do the exact same thing he does…it only works for one person…and that person is not me.

Maybe you have that ability too, but even so, he explained to me how he always looked for a simple guide out there on how to get started in game design, and it just didn’t exist. So now that he has collected his game development expertise and put it into the golden nugget of information that is his book, anyone can take full advantage and jump right in, where it would have been much harder to figure out before.

Is this the book you’ve been looking for? Why? Have you ever written a book? If not, what would you write a book about? Let me know with a comment and game on.

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