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Cherry Picks: The Santa Suit

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My love of the Hallmark channel began in 2017 when I was a new mom. I decided if I was still going to watch TV, it would need to be more wholesome, even including the commercials.

I started watching Home & Family, which I adore and still watch almost every day. And at Christmastime, I watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies I possibly can.

At first, I watched random Christmas movies available for free, some of which were Hallmark and some not. Not all of them were great. Some were rather crass (it’s Christmas, not crass-mas). But I kept trying movies, and stumbled upon The Santa Suit.

I didn’t really want to watch it. I was crocheting and wanted something Christmas-y on in the background. The title was not intriguing to me. I’m not anti-Santa; I’m just not a big fan of the big man.

But to my surprise, I was hooked. And I’m not talking about my crochet project. Lately when I see any movie, the critic in me always thinks of things I would change. But this movie is perfection. There is not one thing I would change.

Maybe it’s because I can identify with it so much having worked at a doll company. Or maybe it’s Kevin Sorbo, who I respect for being outspoken about his faith (especially in the Hollywood scene). Maybe it was the hilarious character Sebastian (played by Darrell Faria). Maybe it was the refreshingly beautiful character Nancy (played by Jodie Dowdall). Or maybe it was all this combined with a fun storyline and heartwarming message.

Drake, the main character of the story is like Mr. Scrooge in that he no longer cares about anything but money. But then he meets a kind man, who looks rather a lot like Santa Claus, and everything changes, starting with his appearance.

I dare you to watch it and not love it. If you don’t, you’re probably a Grinch and get nothing but coal in your stocking. Well, perhaps not. But if you love Christmas, I think you’ll love The Santa Suit too. I bought it on DVD to watch every year as it is now my favorite Christmas movie. What’s your favorite, Hallmark or otherwise? Let me know with a comment 🙂

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