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no sew bow hair clip step by step

I like sewing. Some things should always be sewn, like tutus (don’t get me started). But some simpler projects are easier and look even better without sewing! One in particular is a ribbon bow hair clip. So simple and so adorable! Initially I tried sewing it, and it just didn’t look right or hold well, so glue is the way to go on this one.

I like being resourceful, so didn’t buy any ribbon; I used ribbon from the handles of a shopping bag. I also used leftover ribbon from the centerpieces I made for my wedding, for a nice little nostalgic touch.

Lighter (if you want to seal edges)
Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
Fabric Scissors
Ruler (or you can just ‘eyeball’ it)

Ribbon (your choice on size; I used 2.” Must be synthetic in order to burn edges)
Hair clip (usually in jewelry section of the craft store)

  1. Cut the length of ribbon in the size you like. I used 2″ wide ribbon and cut 8.”
  2. Use the lighter to seal the edges (must be synthetic fiber or it will burn and not melt…careful!)
  3. Pinch the center (with the seam) into an ‘M’ shape and glue in place.
  4. Glue the back side of the bow to the top of the hair clip.
  5. Cut a square of ribbon (for the middle wrap) and seal the edges with the lighter again.
  6. Fold the square (into about thirds) and glue (it’s best to only glue at the edges so you don’t end up with lumps).
  7. Holding the clip open, glue one edge of the ribbon piece to the under side of the clip (with the ribbon seam on the inside). My fingernails are not picture-perfect in this picture…artists generally don’t have perfectly manicured nails 🙂
  8. Pull it tightly around and glue the same way on the other side of the clip. Done!

I have a nice set of bows for my toddler girl now. Did you make a bow? What color, what kind of ribbon and who for? Let me know with a comment!

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