Chevron Braid

2 color winter hat

A friend of mine liked my 3-color winter hat I crocheted (detailed how-to post here) and asked me to make her a 2-color hat. I asked her if she wanted a third color because of the braided hat tails, and here’s what she said:

“No, you’ll figure it out!”

Her confidence in me was both astounding and inspiring. I couldn’t let her down!

Then I stumbled upon. The perfect. Two-color braid. The chevron braid!

This is life-changing. I’ve been excited about it for a good 3 days now. I HAD to make a step-by-step and share it with you!

It’s so simple…if you can do a regular braid, you can surely do this one too! You can do as many colors and strands as you want (as long as the strands are an even number to be the same on both sides). I want to try a pastel rainbow one (once I buy 6 colors of yarn, heh).

All you do is put one color to the outside, and cross them over each other in the middle, leaving the next color on the outside, and repeat!

Chevron Braid Steps

For the hat, I just had the 2 colors, and each of the 4 sections was a group of 3 pieces…12 pieces total cut; 6 of each color, 6 used for each side then doubled into 12 when knotted to ear flap, divided into 4 sections of 3 pieces each; 4×3=12. Whew, that’s a lot of maths.

Did you already know this technique? Have you tried it? Let me know with a comment and crochet away!

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