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Maternity Photo Mastery

I’ve mentioned fairly often how much I detest having my picture taken, but I knew I would regret not doing maternity photos (I didn’t do engagement photos and I definitely regret that). Some things went well and some things did not, so I wanted to share my experience in 5 helpful tips to hopefully help you have your own marvelous maternity shoot!

maternity tall grass

Create a budget and hire a professional, local photographer.
I already knew the photographer I wanted so I contacted her early. The photos weren’t taken until the end of my pregnancy, but she was incredibly busy and I needed to secure a date. It may not be cheap, but as an artist myself, it feels good to support other artists, and I consider it an investment. You will likely choose a date in your 8th or final month of pregnancy so that you have a nice big belly in all the photos! Include the clothing in your budget too.

maternity flowy skirt

Research ahead of time & save examples.
I did great on the research part…I scoured Pinterest and found my favorite poses, lighting, settings, clothes and accessories. However, once we were at the location, there was no cell service and I hadn’t saved the photos, so I couldn’t show our photographer what I wanted. So decide what you like and SAVE the pictures! What season will it be? Will you be outdoors?

maternity couple

Decide if the dad will be in the photos.
If the dad is willing, I think it’s great to include him. He doesn’t need to be in every picture, but since you’re the one carrying, this is a great opportunity for him to be involved. Make sure his outfit goes with yours. You don’t want to be too matchy-matchy. Don’t completely redo his style (let him be himself…after all, you liked it in the first place right?).

maternity holding hands

Plan the clothes/accessories and practice!
I had a beautiful formal maternity gown of flowing chiffon…that didn’t fit by photo time! Choose something that not only you feel and look beautiful in, but that is made of a very stretchy, forgiving knit fabric. I had to sew a lace-up string on the back of mine late the night before. I really don’t recommend that! I wanted to wear a flower crown and have wavy curled hair. I had the crown, but I didn’t practice with my very straight hair, and the curls came out about 5 minutes after I did them. If you already know how to do your hair exactly how you like, no prob…but if you’re attempting a new style, practice, practice, practice.

My dress was actually a Bari Jay bridesmaid dress.

maternity black and white

Here’s the dress I wish I would’ve gotten! It’s top-rated dress on Amazon and quite affordable if you’re on a budget…

And here’s a beautiful dress by SewTrendyAccessories on Etsy if a budget is not a concern. I love the green color!

Consider the location.
I wanted my photos by the beautiful lakes we live around, but it was the worst day I’ve ever had with mosquitoes. Thankfully our photographer brought mosquito repellent, but even with that, it was unbearable and we had to call it a day when my husband’s face started bleeding. They were even flying right in front of the camera lens and photo-bombing us. We had no idea, but it’s good to come as prepared as possible for the environment.

Did you find these tips helpful? What kind of photos do you have planned? Let me know in a comment!

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