DIY Diaper Wreath

I absolutely loved the diaper wreath given to me at my baby shower. Then I loved making one for someone else! They are a bit spendy to order, but not too spendy or difficult to do yourself. Plus they make an adorable shower decoration, and a great gift that is not only thoughtful but useful too. Here’s what you will need.

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Metal Wreath Ring (I got mine at Dollar Tree!)
Diapers (Newborn size…I got a small pack of 42)
Curling Ribbon (in whichever colors you like, 1/4″ width. Can also get at Dollar Tree!)
Swaddle Blanket (optional, for bow)
Small Baby Gifts (ex: socks, spoons, pacifiers, mittens) or other decorative items

wreath frame

It’s very affordable, other than the blanket since they usually come in packs of 3 or 4. But you can use the other blankets to wrap more gifts (or just give them as gifts).

I tied small gifts on for the decorations, but you can also make your own! If you know the baby’s name, you can make a small name sign, and if you know the nursery theme, you can buy small wooden characters for cheap in the craft section or craft stores.

It’s pretty simple to put together! Since the ring has 4 rows, I opened the diapers then folded them over each wire. Since I had a pack of 42 diapers, I used the first half (24) in stacks of 4, 6 times.

diaper insert

diaper layers

With not enough room left to place the second half of diapers individually on each wire, I stacked 4 inside of each other then folded them all together once over the ring in between the first round. This made them shorter than the first half, making a more interesting design.

diaper wreath last step

Lastly, I tied each stack together with gift ribbon. The reason for tying them instead of taping or gluing is so that they can actually be used! I went with a white ribbon to blend in, and colored ribbon for attaching the small items.

A swaddle blanket works great for tying into a big bow since the fabric is quite thin. Simply fold the blanket into a long, skinny piece then tie it into a bow and secure it from the back side to the wreath with the ribbon. It may take a few tries to get it even and in the shape that you like, and that’s okay! It is a handmade gift, so the Mama will appreciate the thoughtfulness and its unique character.

What will your wreath look like? Let me know with a comment!

DIY diaper wreath on door

elephant baby shower diaper wreath
Calico Critters Elephant Family (from eBay)
2-Pack Daisy Clips & Long-Stemmed Daisy (with petals removed, from Dollar Tree)
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