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Cherry Picks: Disney Emoji Blitz

Elsa Emoji

Why are match 3 games so much fun? The first one I ever saw was Bejeweled, then a decade later I was invited to play Candy Crush and got to level 2,469. Some warn it will take all your time and ‘ruin your life,’ but I like to play at the end of the day, generally…to relax and wind down while having a little fun. I don’t even spend money on mobile games; it’s a challenge to me to see just how far I can get without it, plus I like running out of lives because I could just keep playing endlessly if not!

Then I discovered Disney Emoji Blitz, which combines 3 of my favorite things: Disney, match 3, and collecting! What I really like is how playing earns the emojis, which you can really use like regular emojis in your phone, so there is actually something to show for the time spent. Not only do you get characters with their multiple facial expressions, but you also collect items (you know, objects, food, plants, etc.). The only thing is you can’t put the emojis with text (they must be sent separately as images, or as larger ‘stickers’).

Maid Marian text


Elsa Emoji text

I love how when I play I get the same feeling I get when I’m in Disney World (my happy place). Unfortunately it’s random which emoji you get when you buy a box. The boxes are divided into silver level and gold level, with the gold being stronger. They are purchased by using coins which you earn while playing. There are also events when you can buy the diamond box with gems and know which of 2 to 4 or so characters you may get.

Diamond Box

I have yet to see any Star Wars emojis. The game launched on July 14, 2016, but Disney bought Lucasfilm on October 30, 2012, so I’m not sure why I haven’t seen them! Maybe they will be added later as the game started with just 26 emojis. I really need a little ewok emoji. Yub-yub!

Some emojis I didn’t even know, like Madame Leota. She’s the floating head in the crystal ball in the Haunted Mansion ride…even a Disney expert like myself had no idea she had a name. Does she introduce herself on the ride, or is it one of those things that isn’t said like the Beast’s true name? It’s Adam, by the way. No clue how I know that but it is.

I was pretty excited when I reached level 50, but the reward was disappointing: a villain emoji. Why award a great achievement with evil? Heh. Or should I say, mwa ha ha ha.

You can earn gems by completing missions (to level up), daily challenges, and spinning the prize wheel, which unlike Candy Crush, does not have the unattainable jackpot prize. How nice! Another thing I like better than CC is the lives refresh faster.

I save up gems for when there’s a diamond box emoji I really want, which so far have been Christmas Pluto, Robin Hood, & Maid Marian. I also got lucky with the gold box and got Elsa and Zero, but I had to buy quite a few first.

Each emoji has a power that is unique to its character. It activates after you clear enough of that particular emoji.

You Got ZeroZero Disney Emoji BlitzYou Got Maid MarianMaid Marian Power UpMaid Marian Power Up

Completing missions is a breeze when you know which emoji to use. If it involves the Rainbow Star, I use Jiminy Cricket. For Lightning Clouds, I use Mickey. For sunshine, I use Olaf, Lilo, or Baloo. Sometimes there are coin missions, and I use Captain Jack Sparrow since his power makes coin treasure chests. It is similar to CC with the Rainbow Star like the chocolate bomb, the Lightning Clouds like striped candy, and Sunshine like wrapped candy. It is different in the way that each round only lasts 60 seconds, and you don’t have to wait for all the emojis to finish dropping before making your next move.

As of the date of this post, there is no feature to send gifts or lives or anything to your friends who play. I’m not sure why this was left out as it would be a great thing to have.

Overall I really enjoy this game, and I think you will too! Have you tried it? Let me know with a comment and happy Disn-Emoji-ing!




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