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Christmas Crochet Hat

Crochet Christmas Hat

Christmas is coming! Oh yes, it’s true…even if it’s early, Christmas is always coming. So I’m getting ready to be festive. Now that I’ve learned how to crochet (if you’re a beginner, start with this post, which also includes how to do a magic ring start and how to make the pom pom), I can finally make the cute Christmas/Santa/Elf hat (whichever you like to call it) I always wanted. I can’t buy hats because they don’t fit my larger head (I’m just so brainy, what can I say?), so being able to make my own is awesome. I used I Love This Yarn in Pinky Toes Sparkle from Hobby Lobby. It’s delightfully girly and my favorite…SPARKLY! I also made one for my husband with red & white stripes to look like a candy cane, with the brim and pom pom in a cute teal color. To my surprise and delight, he actually asked me to make him one when he saw mine. Look how adorable and handsome he looks! Nerds are hot. Anyway…

Pink Sparkle Christmas Crochet Hat

Striped Christmas Crochet Hat

I’ve put the my pattern below just as I made my hat, but you can adjust however you like! I just think if I’m going to make all the effort to make my own hat, it had better be EXACTLY how I want. If you’d like it smaller (for a baby, child, or maybe you just have a more petite head), stop the increasing rows earlier. If you’d like it larger, keep increasing rows until it fits right. You can size it by putting it on your head as you go.

If you’d like it longer, add more DC rows (between the increasing rows at the start) to your liking. I did 2 rows of just DC (double crochet) between increasing rows, but you can do 3, 4, or even 5…it just depends on what you’d like. If you’d like it shorter, just do one row of DC between each increasing row, or none at all! I actually got the size right on the third time I tried it, so you may need to take it out and start over, but you’ll be happier in the end that it looks how you want.

If you’d like to do stripes, follow the same pattern, but change the yarn color every 2 rows. Piece of cake! Blast, now I want some cake. I may have already eaten some cupcakes. They were mini though. Don’t judge me.

As I’m writing this post, it isn’t even Halloween yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear my hat when I record my next Zumba video, which will be for Christmas. It takes time to choreograph and edit and all that, so I’m starting now. No time like the present. Christmas presents. Alright, now onto business!

Yarn (whichever colors you like)
Crochet Hook (in the size that goes with your yarn)
Cardboard circles (to make pom pom; see link above for video tutorial)
Yarn needle (to sew in ends)

DC = Double Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stich
CH = Chain
STS = Stitches

Row 1: Magic ring (see video tutorial in link above if you’re not sure how). DC 6 into magic ring, SL ST to join (=6 STS)
Rows 2-4: CH 2, DC 6, SL ST to join (=6 STS)
Row 5: CH 2, 2 DC (that means into ONE stitch), DC, repeat this around, SL ST to join (=9 STS)
Row 6 & 7: CH 2, DC around, SL ST to join (=2 rows of 9 STS each)
Row 8: CH 2, 2 DC, DC 2, repeat around, SL ST to join (=12 STS)
Row 9 & 10: CH 2, DC around, SL ST to join (=2 rows of 12 STS each)
Row 11: CH 2, 2 DC, DC 3, repeat around, SL ST to join (=15 STS)
Rows 12 & 13: CH 2, DC around, SL ST to join (=2 rows of 15 STS each)

Continue this increasing pattern until you reach the widest part of the head…keep going with DC 4, DC 5, DC 6, etc. with 2 (or more) rows of DC in between; I went up to DC 18 with mine and then it was onto the brim.

Switch yarn color (I did white) and do 3 rows of DC. Some people like to do SC (single crochet) to finish the edge. I didn’t because I don’t think it’s necessary, but you surely can! Sew in the ends.

I used white yarn and wrapped it around my hand 180 times. Depending on the yarn weight, you may need to do less or more. See video tutorial in link above for how to make a full pom pom.

I hope you enjoy this FREE pattern! I’m happy to share it since I was able to make it by studying other free patterns out there. The hat makes a great gift or is just fun to wear to a Christmas party. How did you adjust this pattern, or did it work as is for you? LMK with a comment 🙂

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