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***This post has been UPDATED! Find it here!***

Every time while yarn shopping, this really pretty color-changing yarn kept catching my eye. It was the Red Heart brand in the Fruity Stripe color. It reminded me of Zumba colors, so I wanted to crochet something I could wear for teaching class. I searched for leg warmer ideas on Pinterest and found this great and beginner-friendly video tutorial.

(Video has been removed…find the UPDATED post here!)

I only needed to buy one skein in the fruity stripe color because I added another color, but you will need 2 skeins total. I was able to do a pair with 25 rows each from 1 skein, then added 5 rows of purple at the bottoms. It’s no big deal when the fruity stripe is under $3 and the solid is under $2. I will say it was tricky matching the stripes exactly, so I recommend starting right at the same color change for both. I had to frog it all to correct the size and color placement.

Did you know? The crochet term ‘frog’ comes from saying ‘rip it’ which sounds like ‘ribbit’.

I received so many compliments when I sported them for Zumba. My legs feel like shooting stars in these, and I might dance a little harder. I really wore myself out. So wear with caution.

Now that it has started snowing, I also wear them around the house and feel comfy and cozy. I had no idea how cold my calves were BC (Before Crochet. Wink, wink).

What color leg warmers are you making? Let me know with a comment.

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