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LOL Doll Makeover

LOL Doll Makeover IT BABY

My 4-year old daughter loves watching YouTube Kids videos of L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, or as I like to call them, Lol Dolls. So I knew she’d love to have one of her own. I saw the cutest one in a video that is surely meant to look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I was inspired to give it a makeover.

If you’re not familiar with the dolls, the ‘Surprise’ part in the name means you don’t know what you’re getting when you buy them. They come completely covered up…you can only tell the collection! So I bought mine on eBay knowing exactly what I’d get (It Baby from the Glitter Glam collection). There were many available so I chose one that came with the most accessories: a tiara, sunglasses, shoes, bottle (in Tiffany-blue!), coffee cup, cold drink, donut, perfume and nail polish.

Black Dress
Black Flocked Taffeta (I used an old jewelry pouch)
Black Fine Tulle
Jewel Bead & Pearl White Seed Beads (for necklace)
Black Thread
Black 1/4″ Satin Ribbon (optional for bow on back)
Metal Snap


lol doll makeover

The doll came with a plastic dress that doesn’t quite fit (it gapes open in the back), which was just fine with me because I wanted to make a real fabric dress. I made a tiny pattern (which you can get for FREE here) then cut the top dress out of flocked taffeta (from an old jewelry pouch) so it could have raw edges without fraying. Then I made the skirt out of fine tulle. Since it’s so itty-bitty, it all has to be hand-sewn, so…no machine required! It was fun making a necklace with tiny pearl seed beads and a rhinestone. I sewed 2 rows of pearl white seed beads to the dress with a tiny rhinestone pendant in the middle. I sewed one snap on the back for the closure and added a cute bow.

Pink Dress
Pink Vinyl
Glitter Nail Polish
Pink Thread
Metal Snap


I also made a second (pink) dress from the movie. Again, you just sew by hand, so no sewing machine needed! I used some material from a shower curtain that I had leftover from another project. Any fabric that is thin and won’t fray is ideal. This fabric frayed but I gave it a coat of glitter nail polish before cutting out the pieces and that kept it smooth (kids’ peel-off nail polish is great because it stays a bit soft instead of cracking). For the bow, I cut a 1/8″ strip of vinyl, tied it into a bow, and sewed it to the front.

7/8″ Cream Satin Ribbon
Black Felt (extra thick if possible)

Hot glue gun/hot glue
Fabric Scissors

Cut out the pattern pieces then cut out the 3 pieces in black felt. Hot glue the pieces together without overlapping the edges (while being careful not to burn yourself). If the felt is thick, you can round off the top of the hat by cutting off the edge. Tie on a piece of ribbon and trim the ends, sealing with a lighter so the ends won’t fray. Glue over the brim seam to hide it.

One thing I tried that didn’t work was painting gloves and underwear. The gloves did work, but the arms got entirely lost against the black dress. And I couldn’t paint underwear without getting it on the legs and tummy too. So I gave up that idea.


Mini Croissant

With the ‘breakfast’ theme, I decided to make another pastry. I found a YouTube channel of dollhouse food tutorials (SugarCharmShop) and followed the instructions to create a minuscule croissant. I opted to make mine with the curled in ends. It was surprisingly easy to follow and turned out amazing! I mean, what is cuter than tiny food?! I thought a tiny paper bag would be cute with it, just like when Audrey takes out her pastry in the opening scene of the movie. So I made a tiny pattern and cut it out of a regular paper bag.


I wanted to add her cat from the movie…you know, her pet that doesn’t have a name? So I got a Littlest Pet Shop cat from Dollar Tree! It’s just the perfect size in scale to the doll and has matching big eyes. I tried adding stripes with an orange permanent marker, but the ink rubbed off. Acrylic paint would probably work better.


Finally, I made a Tiffany blue magnetic box with a white Tiffany-style bow to keep everything in. This was a whole other project so I won’t get into the details, but my one piece of advice if you’re going to tackle it is use thick paper (like card stock) for the outside. I used wrapping paper which is too thin, so it wears off and wrinkles when glued. I made the box out of layers of foam core board, chip board (from a cereal box), and magnets from an old magnetic card box.

Will you makeover your own LOL Doll? Let me know with a comment!

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