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Beaufort Baby Bonnet

Baby Beaufort Bonnet cherry

The beaufort bonnet gets its name from where it originated, in Beaufort, South Carolina, but bonnets just make me think of Little House on the Prairie and the midwest in general. My older sister had one when she was a baby in 1980, then I wore it next, and now that I have my own baby girl, I wanted one for her, especially since we actually live on the prairie! I looked online and there’s a company that sells them, but unfortunately, $52 is too steep for me. As per usual I realized I could just make one (I constantly have to remind myself that I have a degree in Fashion Design). I didn’t even need to buy any materials as I already had everything I needed. This was one of those magical projects where I started and finished the whole thing in one day, from pattern to sewing. I now have the bonnet for sale in my Etsy shop, and at a MUCH more reasonable price of $19.99 too! It makes a wonderful baby shower gift for a baby girl. Not only is the bonnet adorable, but it does an excellent job of keeping the sun out of the baby’s face, especially in the car, so I don’t leave home without it now. I also offer custom colors! How adorable and sweet does she look in her beautiful beaufort baby bonnet? Let me know your thoughts with a comment 🙂

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