Crochet Away!

Crochet Away

I always wanted to learn to crochet, but subconsciously, I thought it had to be in my family in order for me to do it. As in, I thought the only people who crochet were taught by their mom or grandma. Isn’t that ridiculous? We live in such a technological age where we can look up just about anything we like on YouTube to do it ourselves. If you have always wanted to learn something someday, why not learn it now? When I stopped saying someday and started actually doing new things, my life got so much better. And did you know that successful people keep learning? It feels so good to acquire a new skill!

I first learned to crochet from my expert crocheter friend in a class, but you can learn from YouTube just as easily! After the class, I went home and looked up beginner videos until I found a really good one, and then I practiced, practiced, practiced. Here it is:

Did I crochet perfectly the first time? Pfff, no! Did I do it correctly the second or even third time? Nope, and that’s okay! But I kept at it. Here are my rookie mistakes that you can avoid after you know them…

  • I put my hook through only one side of the stitch (instead of both loops that make the ‘V’ shape of the stitch)
  • I didn’t know the yarn is supposed to come from the center of the skein (roll of yarn; rhymes with ‘stain’). Or you can make a ball of yarn.
  • I bought my first hook because I liked the color of it. I didn’t know there are all different sizes!

But here’s what I did right: I practiced! I knew I wasn’t going to make anything other than granny squares at first. Is my point sinking in yet? 🙂

Next, I looked on Pinterest for project ideas, and found Melanie Ham’s beginner beanie tutorial. Melanie is awesome! Though I didn’t know it was an older video and I wish it had been this newer, better one that starts you off with the ‘magic circle’ technique. Here it is!

Once I made a single color beanie and felt comfortable with the basics, I found this next video that shows how to use multiple colors and add ear flaps. I found it really easy to follow. However, I wanted a nice round and poofy pom pom, so I found the next video tutorial on pom poms too. The trick to a nice pom pom is LOTS of yarn, and using the sandwich technique twice. I think the TP rolls are unnecessary (I just used my hand), but just watch the video through once before you try it to get the idea.

Look how cute my hat turned out! I found really pretty yarn with a metallic thread in it, so it has a lovely sparkle. As you go you may have your own preferences when it comes to certain things…I like the ear flap braids certain ways: thin, colors divided, knotted at the top, and trimmed ends. This last video shows how.

Seahawks Crochet Hat

I made a bunch of hats for gifts and everyone just LOVES them. Plus since standard size hats never fit my larger head, it’s so nice to be able to create the perfect fit every time.

Did you/will you make a hat for your first project? How did it turn out? Let me know with a comment and crochet away!


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