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Bump Up Your Maternity Style x3

Bump Up Maternity Style

Spring is coming…is your wardrobe as ready as you are? When I was pregnant, I didn’t have many options for maternity clothes because of living in a small town and having a tight budget, so I searched Amazon to find the beautiful styles I wanted at VERY affordable prices. A really nice friend of mine lent me her clothes and I was able to find a few things at consignment stores, but out of everything I bought, my most favorites BY FAR were all from Amazon. I recieved lots of compliments EVERY time I wore them! Here are 3 ways to ‘bump’ up your maternity wardrobe without breaking your budget.

bump up your maternity style 1

#1: Printed Chiffon Poncho

Deal: $18.95

Pregnancy can really feel heavy and uncomfortable at times, but when I wore this chiffon poncho, I just floated around feeling as light as a feather. Chiffon is one of my most favorite fabrics because it’s comfortable, flowing and flattering (and possibly because my ballet skirts were made of it). I absolutely LOVED this piece and I STILL do, because it drapes over me no matter what size I am – it’s not even meant to be a maternity item but it sure works as one! I got this yellow butterfly print one from Love My Seamless on Amazon. I will say that products are always changing on Amazon, especially clothes, so last I checked this yellow butterfly print is no longer available, but I keep adding updated links for you! Look for the styles that have the pretty, pointed draping effect on the sides. Some of these have multiple prints to choose from.

When I went to Sam Moon in Texas, they had a whole section of chiffon ponchos. I wore mine with a fluttering butterfly hair clip, white maternity cami underneath, black maternity pants or leggings, and black sandals. People seemed to treat me extra nicely when I wore this (or maybe I was just in an especially good mood because of wearing it and therefore nicer to be around, HAHA).

bump up your maternity style 2

#2: Pleated Maxi Skirt

Deal: $24.99

Way before I was even pregnant, I wanted a pleated maxi skirt, but they were always too expensive, until I found this one! Because it’s SO long, you can wear it over your belly, empire-waist style (this one is also not maternity-specific). The fabric has a beautiful sheen that catches the light as the pleats move when you walk — it turned my pregnant waddle into a smooth glide. I had to make a conscious effort not to skip or frolic and remain professional because wearing this just made me so happy. I bought this one from Romwe on Amazon but later when I ordered another color, it was way shorter, so I had to return. Also, the description said chiffon, but only a few of the colors were chiffon. I recommend reading reviews first to better know what you’re getting. If you aren’t so tall like I (I’m 5’9″), it might still work great for you. I got the XXL size because at the time the waist had a zipper, but some have an elastic waist (check the seller’s size chart). I wore it with either this white cami and jacket, or black cami and denim jacket. I put it in the washer on the hand wash setting and line-dried it, which doesn’t affect the pleats.

bump up your maternity style 3

#3: Allover Lace Dress

Deal: $24.95

I bought this navy lace dress by Beachcoco for a summer wedding, and it was so comfortable all day and night long, even through LOTS of dancing! A friend of mine borrowed it for a wedding too. It comes in lots of colors, but order as early as possible because sizes can sometimes temporarily sell out in the color you want. The price varies a bit as well between sizes and colors. I almost got the pink since I was having a girl, but I wanted to blend in with the wedding party so I went with navy. It looks so cute if you add a ribbon bow to the waist (I just LOVE bows) and the fabric of the dress is soft and stretchy. I dressed it up with a flower hair clip, rhinestone necklace, and white wedge sandals, but you can easily dress it down too with a jacket and flats. I love this for special occasions, though – a little girl walked up to me, wanting to know all about it. “I love your dress! Can I touch your necklace?”

I hope you enjoy any of these styles — if you do, let me know in a comment how it worked out for you! <3


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