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Charming Cherry Charm

charming cherry charm

Hello DIY-ers and art lovers! Behold my first blog post, which is pretty exciting now that I have decided to be a stay-at-home mom.

To be clear, I make all kinds of things that have nothing to do with cherries; I just I thought I’d make this first post about the charm I designed to kick off the blog. Here’s its story…

I’ve had an obsession with cherries since I was a teenager. It’s such a cute, sweet, and retro icon that comes in and out of popularity but never really goes away. It works for all ages too! In high school I bought a beautiful cherry rhinestone necklace, but the stones fell out. I searched all over for a new one. I wanted it to be 3-D so it wouldn’t flip to a backside, sturdy so it wouldn’t lose pieces, and of course, SPARKLY! I couldn’t find anything, and then I realized I could just bead one myself. Fortunately I grew up in Oregon, so I am somewhat of a hippie granola flower child, and know a thing or two about beading.

I researched techniques, trying out beaded balls that were too difficult, then I found one method I liked and modified it. You can buy them in my shop Cherry Fairy Tale on Etsy, or you can download the instructions for cheap to DIY! It’s easy to follow and fun to make them in all different colors and sizes, so experiment away! Try seed beads for a dainty and delicate look, or crystal beads for an eye-catching sparkle. They also make great friendship necklaces. I made them for my sister and my niece to match mine. Be prepared to receive compliments everywhere you wear –  I certainly do! I would love to hear about yours, so let me know with a comment! Enjoy 🙂

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