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DIY Hanging Bouquet

DIY Hanging Bouquet Feature

It is officially SPRING (despite how this cold weather makes it seem) and what brings spring better than beautiful, blooming bouquets? There is something so lovely about hanging bouquets, especially…they are perfect for weddings (like Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet), and it’s such a fresh, new way to do floral home decor instead of the regular bunch in a vase.

Back when I was planning my own wedding, I was looking for inspiration at a bookstore (Pinterest was really new and I didn’t know about it yet), and I saw a photo of white poppy anemones for the first time. I fell in love and ordered them for my wedding. What could go wrong? No wedding plans ever get messed up…

The day before my big day, the florist called to say there are no poppy anemones at all, anywhere, because apparently they would not grow that year and they couldn’t even get them for the Oscars. With so much else going on and such short notice, I wasn’t able to just make them myself and had to settle for scabiosas. At least they were better looking than they sound.

Even after the wedding, I still wanted that beautiful poppy anemone bouquet. So I decided to make one myself and use it as home decor to keep forever!

Now with Pinterest at my disposal, I researched different materials for making flowers and decided on crepe paper streamers. It did turn out pretty and looked nice in the living room at first, but the white turned brown and the black faded.

Saddened by this continuing bouquet saga, I decided to redo it, in felt! I spread out the project over 3 days, because in the end it took about 30 flowers to cover. So I highly recommend 2 very important things:

  1. Using very sharp fabric scissors — your hands will hurt if not!
  2. A smaller foam ball — I used the 7.8″ size (about volleyball size), and it gets even bigger once the flowers are attached. You also won’t have to make as many flowers. The 6″ size would be a good way to go.
DIY Hanging Bouquet Close Up

White Felt Sheets (about 8 – $0.23 each)
Black Felt Sheets (about 2 – $0.23 each)
Foam Ball (I recommend the 6″ size – $5)
Ribbon (color/size up to you…for handle. I used 1.5″ width leftover from my wedding)
Ceiling Hook or Floor Stand (to display)

Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks
Fabric Scissors (make sure they are sharp!)
Printer/Paper/Paper Scissors (for pattern)

Get my free pattern here! I carefully designed it to capture the stunning look of the poppy anemone with white stamen (filaments) that are black at the anthers (ends), which gives the black center a kind of glow.

I carefully designed it to capture the stunning look of the poppy anemone with white stamen (filaments) that are black at the anthers (ends), which gives the black center a kind of glow.

To make a flower…

White felt: Cut 5 petals (save the small scrap pieces) & 2 stamen (larger rectangle pattern)
Black felt: Cut 1 center (circle pattern) & 2 stamen (smaller rectangle pattern)

felt poppy anemone step by step

Roll a few tiny scrap pieces of felt in a ball (about 1/2″ diameter) and wrap the center piece around it, gluing closed. Buying stuffing is completely unnecessary when you can use what you already have!

Glue each black rectangle to each white rectangle on the long edge. Fold the black piece over the white edge and glue down. Clip every 1/8″ (starting from the black side), stopping about 1/4″ from the edge so it remains one piece. This makes 2 sets of stamen.

Glue one stamen to the center, then glue on the second stamen.

Apply about 1/4″ of glue vertically up from the bottom (straight edge) of a petal, then pinch together leaving 1/4″ on each side. Repeat with other 4 petals, then glue to center piece.

Cut 11″ of ribbon and glue ends to the ball. Hot glue can melt the foam so you may need to hold in place for about 30 seconds as it sets. If your glue gun has a lower heat setting, use that instead of the high heat.

Glue flowers to the ball. I started with 4 at the top (around the ribbon), then 8 for the next row, and kept filling in from there.

Isn’t it gorgeous? What’s your favorite flower? Let me know how your hanging bouquet turns out with a comment, and happy spring to you!

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